Which system is easier to connect – Android app iOS?


A report by GreenSmartphones revealed that Android users face fewer problems while using their devices compared to iOS users.

The report analyzed search data, tracking how many times users of both systems asked for help with basic operations like screen recording, location sharing, and more.

Thus, the results show that iPhone users in the United States asked for help with these basic functions approximately 358,000 times per month, which is even 58% more often than Android users (226,000).

The biggest difference was seen in the search “how to delete all content and settings”, with iOS users asking this six times more often than Android users.

The research compared 12 common operations, and Android outperformed iOS in 10 of those 12 in terms of fewer users asking for instructions. Android lagged behind iOS in screen recording and QR code scanning.

While the long debate over the differences between Android and iOS continues, with arguments about the flexibility and customization of Android versus the speed and long-term security of iOS, this study suggests that the average user may find it easier to use Android.

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