Which ones are dangerous? 7 apps to check the ingredients of skin products


With the following apps, you will find it easier to understand the ingredients of skin care products, body care and more.

1. Think Dirty

For more than a decade, consumers have trusted this popular app to break down product ingredient lists. To use Think Dirty, simply scan the barcode on a cosmetic product. You can also search for products in the database.

2. INCI Beauty

INCI Beauty is usually used by people in European countries, although it can be translated into five languages. To use the app, start by scanning a product’s barcode or search by product name or ingredient name. The search results will show the composition of the product, including a complete list of ingredients and their functions.

3. WWG Healthy Living by Environmental Working Group

The mission of this non-profit organization is to empower people to make healthier choices while taking environmental factors into account. In 2004, WWG launched Skin Deep, a database of cosmetic ingredients and products that provides ratings based on potential health risks.

4. Good Face App by The Good Face Project

This app uses an algorithm that allows users to create a personalized skin care regimen that is tailored to their skin’s needs and consists of clean products. For a personalized skincare routine built around your skin’s needs, take the in-app skin quiz.

5. Yuka

The app scans the labels of your food and cosmetic products. Once you find a product, you can view an overview of the full ingredient list and the risk level of each ingredient.

6. CosmEthics

CosmEthics is an app that scans ingredients and reads product barcodes.

7. Supergreat

Supergreat lets people share their beauty routines and tips through short videos. Although not technically an ingredient control app, Supergreat can come in handy for anyone with an interest in the beauty industry.

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