Unique colors for iPhone 15 Pro are announced


The iPhone 15 Pro models, which will be introduced this September, will be available in a unique dark blue color that has a gray tone, macrumors reported, citing a source who gave more details on what what can be expected from this version of Apple.

The color of this type will be similar to the blue that Apple used for the iPhone 12 Pro models, but it seems that it will be darker and with more gray.

This is expected to accompany silver shades, titanium gray with a lighter silver-grey, while “macrumors” wrote that there is a possibility that Apple will use the blue color to test the exterior of the phone, and then shortly before the launch change it.

As for iPhone 15 models, so far it is known that hot pink, bright blue and a green color are included. While, for the design, the iPhone 15 Pro models will look similar to the iPhone 14 Pro models, but with some significant changes.

Expect the bezels to be thinner around the screen.

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