The fitness trainer ate only pizza for a month, the results he got surprised his followers


Personal fitness trainer Ryan Mercer ate pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner for an entire month and was surprised by the results.

As he explained in his videos, which he posted regularly so people could follow his progress, he spent an average of €12 a day on the challenge as he decided to cook his own pizzas instead of ordering them out.

That way he knew exactly how many calories his body was getting each day as he ate pizzas with different ingredients to get everything he needed for a month.

“I didn’t just want to emphasize fat loss through calorie intake and calorie intake, but also that it’s not about restriction. That is, I believe that we should not limit our favorite foods to achieve the desired results, and I also wanted to encourage more people to prepare their food at home,” he said.

As part of an interesting food challenge, Ryan carefully planned a pizza-only diet that was within the calorie limit and had plenty of protein. He ate 10 slices of pizza every day and the results he got surprised even him.

After completing the challenge, Ryan became leaner, which surprised followers, “I designed a system that works and got me to my goal. I ate two small pizzas and one large pizza a day, which is about 10 pieces every day.”

In addition to losing weight and ‘losing’ his belly, he also managed to save money by making pizza at home.

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