The best days to do fitness


The right time to burn more (and tire less) when you do sports is after ovulation, around the 14th day if you have a regular cycle.

In addition, your body reacts better to stress. It depends on the level of progesterone, the pregnancy hormone.

A group of young women who had a regular cycle underwent a physical test in the first week of the cycle and in the week after ovulation: sports performance was better in the second phase.

Physical activity during the cycle is not inadvisable. Of course, when the pain is strong, you don’t feel like going to the gym, but don’t stop exercising just because “you’re in those days”, Telegrafi reports.

Studies confirm that sport can reduce cramps and the feeling of heaviness during the period of the cycle, because it favors the discharge of the uterus and the elimination of excess fluids.

In addition, it helps prevent premenstrual symptoms such as headaches and depression.

Mood improves in those who practice physical activity.

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