Meta Launches Virtual Reality (VR) Subscription Service


Facebook’s parent company Meta has launched a virtual reality (VR) subscription service as it tries to make it part of its profitable business.

Meta says paid users will get access to two new games per month.

For the first three months of the year, Instagram’s parent company posted a $4 billion loss in its VR unit.

Meta faces competition from firms including tech giant Apple, which launched its long-awaited mixed-reality headset this month.

On Monday, the company said the Meta Quest+ service, which costs $7.99 a month or $59.99 for an annual subscription, was compatible with its Quest 2 headset, Quest Pro and the upcoming Quest 3 headset.

In 2021, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed plans to build a “metaverse” – an online world where people can play games, work and communicate in a virtual environment, often using VR headsets.

“Over time, I hope we’re seen as a metaverse company, and I want to anchor our work and our identity in what we’re building,” Zuckerberg said.

In February last year, Meta unveiled several ambitious AI projects, and Zuckerberg described AI as “the key to unlocking the metaverse.”

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