How to become rich in a few days? Forget studies and work, love…


If you’re all complaining about not being rich, then you should take a look at Instagram. A famous couple has discovered that you don’t need school to fulfill your big dream, just a little love for the camera.

Lauren Bullen, an Australian dentist gave up her profession in 2013 after the social network brought in huge income. She published different pictures, with which she received many likes and decided to travel the world to show many things to her followers.

She and her boyfriend, Jack Morris, have almost 5 million followers together and today they receive about 20 thousand euros a day thanks to likes and comments.

Both met in an Asian country where they had gone to visit for the same reason. The first meeting showed that a long history of friendship and success would begin between them.

Asked by Dailymail about the secret of success, they said: “We have different stories but the same passion. I believe there is no secret as everyone rises in a different way and at different levels. With a little originality and the pursuit of passion, anything can be achieved,” writes Ora news.

Among other things, they always take pictures of each other. On occasions wh

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