Do you drink milk every day? Learn how it affects your body


Dairy products should be avoided or not consumed excessively because they tend to cause problems with digestion, obesity and others.

There are many questions, especially about the impact that drinking traditional milk every day has on the body.

Milk helps in weight loss

Drinking milk every day helps in weight loss, especially in women. It contains few calories and many nutrients. However, in addition to weight loss, women cannot avoid the bloating caused by milk.

Milk is a good source of protein

In every 30 ml of cow’s milk there is 1 gram of high-quality protein rich in amino acids. This protein curbs appetite and keeps you full for a long time. Plant-based milk alternatives contain less protein, so they are less healthy, reports AgroWeb.

Muscle mass

Milk helps maintain muscle mass due to the amino acids it contains. In addition, animal protein from cow’s milk is more easily absorbed by the body and strengthens muscles.

Source of calcium

Milk is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is also readily available in herbs, but you’d need to eat ten servings of spinach to get the same amount of calcium found in a glass of cow’s milk.

Anti-aging milk

Drinking milk every day helps prevent osteoporosis in women. The vitamin D found in milk helps maintain bone health and muscle mass as we age. The loss of muscle mass as a result of aging is greater in women than in men.

Milk protects you from diseases

The content of vitamin A, K2 and fatty acids in milk and its by-products help prevent diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Milk causes acne

On the other hand, milk causes inflammation and drinking it every day promotes the appearance of acne that is very difficult to get rid of.

Milk causes bloating and digestive problems

The stomach has a hard time processing this dairy product. With age, the digestive system weakens and the milk causes huge bloating that lasts all day. On the other hand, pasteurized and processed milk contains bacteria (good and bad) that disrupt the balance in the stomach microbiome. This can cause long-term problems in the digestive system and the brain. Therefore, experts recommend that in addition to milk, you should consume other less processed products such as yogurt.

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