400 million euros or 200 million + CR7 for Neymar!


The 5 titles won in 2017 had everyone thinking that it was just the beginning of the years of success, but for many others, Real Madrid has now fallen into oblivion.

The signs from the team’s play this year have been worrying and it has become clear that the need for a mega-star to revive the team is imperative.

The player’s name is what all Real Madrid fans have in mind, as is the club’s leadership, and it is none other than Neymar.

MARCA reports that the club’s belief is that the overall operation could cost somewhere around 400 million euros. Other players that are being talked about are Harry Kane, Hazard or Werner, but no one can reach the level of Neymar.

Although the French club does not want to sell him once, Real Madrid possesses something that the Parisian club has been looking for for a long time: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Perez know that signing the Brazilian would be complicated, but they are aware that there are factors that could see him in the summer of 2019.

The first is Neymar’s desire to wear the white shirt. The club has received encouraging messages recently, which started in London at the FIFA Best Award, when the player sat next to the delegation from Los Blancos.

According to MARCA, the deal could also include Cristiano Ronaldo. By offering Los Blancos 200 million euros + the Portuguese for Neymar.

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